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> House and land packages - developers offer range of locations and house designs in new development areas. Usually require 10% deposit with balance on completion. Check the contract thoroughly and perhaps even get a qualified legal opinion on the contract
> Build your own design - usually more costly but gives more flexibility and often better finishes. Most important: make sure you have a reliable and good builder.



If buying a house, remember to check for:
> Illegal building work
> Nearby, convenient amenities
> Plumbing in upstairs bathrooms especially
> Can you fill the house with furniture
> Are there any government development plans for that area/street/block?


While these should be considered no matter where or what you are buying, they are especially relevant if buying a unit. Remember to check for:
> Can you have pets?
> Know what levies you will be in for
> Check noise and parking at different times of the day and night
> Check for theft in communal areas
> Is there enough storage space

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